Reaching out, integrating, engaging & connecting- with food and each other 

Community building - making connections

As cities become more congested, life becomes faster and farmland becomes ever more distant, we not only lose our connection to food and where it comes from, we lose our connections to the people around us. There are fewer opportunities to engage as communities. Skyline Farms and our partners are in discussions to expand our on-site farms across the school system as well as to other institutions, many of which have marginalized students or residents.

That’s local!

Not only will they be able to provide fresh produce for themselves, but for their communities as well. Skyline Farms produce ripens on the vine and is delivered fresh within a 10 block radius, allowing nutrients and flavour to reach their peak potential. 

Youth education

Skyline Farms is committed to building stronger connections between youth, the food choices they make and the communities they live in. Integrating schools into the farming and distribution process is a great way to do that. By engaging them from seed to table, students not only change their eating habits, but show increased motivation to learn and participate in growing their communities.

Increasing productivity

Skyline Farms is building green space in concrete urban cores. Studies show that people with views and access to green space are more productive in the workplace. Everyone knows that fresh air and fresh food increase brain power. Skyline Farms nearby will help to encourage healthy choices.