Better food choices, greater productivity, nutrition and illness recovery, reduced stress

Healthy food choices

How about a salad you grew instead of pizza or fries? With youth obesity at an all-time high, Skyline Farms is striving to deal with the roots of the problem. Providing an environment in which students can participate in their meals–from seed to table–has been proven to effectively change their eating habits.


Most produce is picked early, ripening in trucks to arrive at stores and markets looking its best. Even in the 100 mile ‘local’ diet, produce can travel hours or days and sit for many more before hitting your plate. That missing flavour is also missing nutrients. Skyline Farms produce ripens on the vine and is delivered fresh within a 10 block radius, allowing nutrients and flavour to reach their peak potential.

Green space, local food and good health

Stress plays a major role in both physical and mental health. Many studies, including CDC4, point to the positive effects of green space on ADHD and recovery times for illness, injury, productvity and wellbeing.

Skyline Farms converts concrete jungles into beautiful, food producing green spaces. Lengthy commuting times for groceries just add to high stress levels. Local access to fresh produce significantly reduces commuting times.