less space, less water, fewer nutrients, no pesticides & better access

Reduced carbon footprint

Skyline Farms’ model delivering farm to table within walking or cycling distance amounts to a major reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Skyline Farms uses 0 oil-intensive fertilizers or pesticides, fewer nutrients and 10% of the land required in traditional farming.

Reduced carbon footprint

Skyline Farms uses aeroponic technology that consumes water in a closed loop. Crops take only what they need and recycle the rest back into the reservoirs.

Skyline Farms uses only about 10% of the water consumed in traditional farming methods. 

Urban renewal

Skyline Farms revitalizes and rehabilitates unused and under-utilized urban spaces on land and rooftops.


Skyline Farms can produce 7.7 harvests–more than double those produced by soil-based methods in the same growing period. Its vertical tower gardens maximize land use and, with greenhouses in the works, Skyline Farms will soon be harvesting all year long.