About Skyline farms

Skyline Farms is “redefining locally grown”™

Not just another urban agriculture project, Skyline Farms addresses the bigger sustainability picture with a portable model that connects and nourishes communities surrounding a 10 block radius. 

A growing need

Skyline Farms reclaims under-utilized urban space to grow high output, chemical and GMO-free produce from Certified Organic heirloom seeds. Utilizing highly efficient aeroponic ‘Tower Garden’ technology, Skyline grows crops vertically, producing a comparable harvest with only 10% of the space and water requirements of traditional farming–an important consideration in dense urban environments. The result is fresh, highly nutritious produce grown with reduced energy consumption, while adding badly needed green space to our cities and suburbs.

Our roots

Skyline Farms is the product of two Humber College graduates: Jake Harding and Gustavo Macias. The two met in the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology Program at Humber College and formed an instant connection. Their education in sustainability, combined with their extensive shared backgrounds in the food industry and passion for the environment and social causes, germinated the seed of an idea.

After extensive R&D, Skyline Farms took flight. It won two expert-juried business innovation grant competitions and was a finalist in OCE's 2013 Social Enterprise Student Competition. Its pilot project launched at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke in June 2013.

Where we’re going

A roll out program and farm expansions are underway for fall 2013. Follow us on TWITTER for details!


Current global and ‘local’ food systems compromise our health, our environment, our finite natural resources and our economy. Feeding cities needs a new way of thinking–and growing. Skyline Farms is doing just that and everyone can harvest the benefits.