Affordability, accessibility, opportunity, education & economic impact

Affordability + accessibility 

Many urban residents, especially those in low-income areas are under-served by supermarkets. Lack of knowledge and space limits their ability to garden, and distance travelled by food and by foot increases cost and limits availability of fresh produce. Skyline’s vertical farming model is helping to get to the roots of food insecurity.

Job readiness

Skyline Farms’ student engagement initiative with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the Toronto Education Workers (TEW) and My Food, My Way is preparing youth for positions in the fast-growing urban agriculture sector.  

Healthcare savings

It’s impossible to ignore the links between childhood obesity and adult obesity; between weight, diet and chronic diseases from heart disease to diabetes and cancer. Changing attitudes and accessibility to fresh food, at their roots, will have a significant impact on our long-term healthcare costs.