Urban farming is on its way up!

World population is at 7 billion and rising. Currently, more than 80% of those people live in cities. Arable land continues to decrease as population grows and what was once prime agricultural land has been irrevocably paved over to make way for a growing population.

As the most rapidly developing city in North America, Toronto is a prime example. Real estate is a valuable commodity, yet as its arable land decreases, its demand for local food is on the rise. The Locavore movement is trending with no signs of stopping. The challenge is to produce more fresh food, more effectively, and more accessibly, in less space.

Vertical farming answers the needs of urban populations that have nowhere to grow but up. Skyline Farms utilizes proprietary 'Tower Garden' products, which is a unique, vertical aeroponic technology that eliminates the need for arable land–a rooftop, pavement or small plot will do. It requires only 10% of the space and the water and a fraction of the nutrients required to produce the same results as traditional farming methods. Growing seasons are extended as the towers also produce more than double the harvests available in the same time period.

It’s simple really. Seedlings are ‘planted’ into the tower cubicles. Roots extend into the hollow centre of the tube. A reservoir at the base of the units houses an ionic mineral and water solution containing all the micro and macronutrients necessary both for healthy plant growth and for crops rich in vitamins and nutrients. The solution is pumped up through the centre of the tower where it is dispersed, mixed with oxygen and evenly distributed over the plant roots. Any excess is recycled back into the reservoir.

Fresh at home: Contact Skyline Farms to purchase a Tower Garden for your patio or balcony!