780 students...Imagine the impact on 5,077,021!*

Skyline Farms is proud to be partnered with My Food, My Way, a joint initiative between TDSB and TEW, and Humber College to introduce urban farming to our schools. The goal is to get youth connected to the food they eat–engaging them from seed to table to make better food choices and reframe the culture of food and nutrition at school, at home and in their communities.

In June 2013, with staff support, Skyline Farms set up the first commercial vertical aeroponic Tower Garden farm in Canada, at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke. Always embracing new opportunities, the school was a natural place to start. The farm provides the program with fresh, nutritious produce grown on site. Students help to grow and harvest the produce, then cook and eat it too, sharing with surrounding areas. Beyond new attitudes to food, Skyline Farms is exposing students to new farming technologies, new food choices and sustainable ways they can help feed this generation and the next.

Everyone is happy with the outcomes!** The benefits go beyond our schools to address environmental, health, community and economic issues. Skyline Farms is working with our partners to expand the project for year round growing and establish farms at GTA schools.

Check out the Gallery (under Media) to see photos of the Pilot Farm!

*Skyline Farms pilot project was used as a model for scientific studies on aeroponic crops, as well as research on the effects of this venture on students’ motivation inside and outside of school, self esteem and eating habits. 

 *There are 780 students at Thistletown with access to the farm.  Imagine the impact on 250,000 students in Toronto (TDSB), 2,043,117 students in Ontario (www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/educationFacts.html) and 5,077,021 students (http://www42.statcan.ca/smr08/2012/smr08_167_2012-eng.htm) in Canada!